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Why choose ELITE Solution Online Consulting to manage your online presence ? When it comes to adding value to your business using productive website design and online marketing techniques, we live by our trademark - We Make Sense of the Web... Our online consulting and philosophies are focused on quality and service, and by observing them we have generated significant growth and online success stories for our clients. If you are looking for a web design&development partner who will provide exceptional results and the highest standards in service then you have hit the right website.
How are we different from our competitors ? Our websites comply to the international standards of website design. We understand that our client is not a Web Designer and will therefore we communicate in clear, easy to understand terminology. All our work is preceeded by a detailed quotation so you will know exactly what you are going to get - with the only financial surprise being how much you will save compared to our competitors.
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Online Coaching Overview
We provide consulting via telephone, e-mail, and instant messenger in the following areas:
* Career Management Strategies
* Business & Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs
* Accelerated Learning
* Instructional Design
* Ideas for Team Building Sessions
* Behaviour Based Interviewing

The benefit ? On-line consulting and coaching is a convenient and cost effective strategy to give you "just in time" assistance.

The cost for telephone consulting is: $77.00 per hour.
Our consulting fees do not include long distance charges.

The cost for instant messenger consultations is $41.00 per hour.
Instant messenger consulting is provided through Skype, Yahoo Messenger ot ELITE Solution Online Chat service.

The cost for e-mail consulting is $43.00
Each e-mail consultation includes:
* A detailed e-mail response
* An opportunity to submit one additional e-mail with clarifying questions regarding our response.

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